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Word-count: 32 313
References to the scientific literature: 725


Upcoming Chapters and Sections

  • A chapter on Causal Factors focusing on the mechanism of how various lifestyle-factors causes or modifies disease-progression starting with a section on dietetics. An introduction and a first draft of the first section is available.
  • Detailed explanations on the mechanisms behind Osteoarthritis (a first draft is published)  and Tendinopathy.

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Known Errors

  • Citations and the reference-list does not show properly on mobile devices.


2020-09-26: Published “The Connection Between Diet and Disease” (first draft).

2020-09-19: Revised the Background-section.

2020-08-21: Published “Osteoarthritis” (first draft)

2020-08-10: Revised the Infographics in the Core Hypothesis-section.

2020-08-09: Updated the Histopathology-chapter with explanatory charts and figures.

2020-07-30: Publication of “Gout in a Bigger Perspective”.

2020-05-11: Publication of “Pathomechanism” and “Core Hypothesis”.

2020-05-04: Publication of “Background” and “Etiology”.

2020-04-19: Publication of the Histopathology-chapter and sub-sections.

2020-02-06: Publication of “Articular Gout”.

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