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A collection of links to my own content on other sites and also to websites owned by friends of mine, people that work in related areas that have helped or inspired this project.


A collection of articles I’ve written on the connection between diet and musculoskeletal disease (swedish). Diet Doctor is a company based in Stockholm focusing on educating people on the benefits and risks of low-carbohydrate diets.

A site run by Patrik Hakanen, a friend of mine who does health-coaching in Ålesund, Norway. He specialises on how behaviour can be modified to optimise health and well-being.

Kalle Flodin is one of my firends who like me are pursuing a primitivist lifestyle to get closer to what he truly want and need. On his website he shares this experience and also tries to build an online-community to help others pursue a simple life. He and I have also done a couple of podcasts (swedish) together that can be found at his website.

A Swedish association that teaches individuals and groups both the practical and spiritual aspects of how human life have been sustained for the last couple of hundred-thousand years. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

A very good friend of mine who is an entrepreneur in many fields. He has done a TEDx-talk on life-style design and on his website we writes articles about topics such as personal development, international relationships and authorship.

Magda Lindblom is a photographer based in Hudiksvall who took the profile-photo i use for this site and others.

A company that specialises in digital marketing founded in part by my cousin that has helped me a lot in staring up my first website back in 2014.

A Swedish podcast discussing sports-related injuries and rehabilitation in which Im featured on the episode aired on May 8th, 2022 discussing the role of microbiology in musculoskeletal disease.

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